UU Climate Justice Circle

UU's in yellow Stand With Love t-shirts gathered at Saint Paul Climate Strike with MUUSJA banner on 9-20-2019

Minnesota UU’s joined the Youth Climate Strike on 9/20/2019 in Saint Paul and over 20 other venues statewide.

We had 50 buttons and ran out early!

The Minnesota UU Climate Justice Circle will host another meeting in October. Folks at at the Headwaters this weekend 9/21-22 with Honor the Earth and next weekend 9/28 will be at Lake Superior for Gichi-Gami to protest the Line 3 pipeline.

Sign up for email notices from CreateClimateJustice.net and link to the Minnesota UU Climate Justice Circle to receive updates, arrange carpool or other transportation, and plan for upcoming actions.

The next national climate strike action will be November 29th, on so-called “Black Thursday” as Americans are urged to buy, buy, buy, more, more, more, STUFF. Perhaps another way to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving will be to give thanks for the abundance of the EARTH, for what we may already have, and find ways to share it. 

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