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2022 UU the Vote in Minnesota

Setting the Table: These are nonpartisan actions your congregation can do. To stay updated or with questions about what’s permitted & what’s not for congregational teams, subscribe at www.MUUSJA.org/contact_us or contact us. Pick & choose what fits your capacity, just as you would choose a meal from a menu.

Minnesota Voter Information FAQ (Essential facts): www.mnvotes.org = All the facts on how, when, & where to vote, register voters, & be an election judge.


POST NONPARTISAN LAWN SIGNS: Ask your congregation to post nonpartisan lawn signs from MUUSJA or League of Women Voters. 

TALK TO FRIENDS & FAMILY: You’re the strongest influence for people you know. Talk to your friends & family. Be sure students, snowbirds, travelers & military know how to vote (see mnvotes.org for details). Post weekly on your social media about your voter engagement actions & invite friends to join you writing, texting, or phoning voters. 

BOOST COLLEGE STUDENT VOTING: Make sure any college(s) with whom you, your family, or friends are connected, commit to helping students get ready to vote: 

Details from UUSJ at http://uusj.net/wp1/ask-your-college/

BOOST HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT VOTING: MUUSJA is a partner with When We All Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit started in 2018 by Michelle Obama, which runs the program “My School Votes” https://www.whenweallvote.org/schools/  In some communities, UU’s team up with local chapters of the League of Women Voters to reach out to the schools. Check with us or contact LWV at https://www.lwvmn.org/


MINNESOTA APARTMENT OUTREACH: THE “GOOD NEIGHBORS” PROJECT: Minnesota has the nation’s highest voter turn-out (about 85% for home owners) but apartment renters, which includes many young & BIPOC voters, are much less likely to vote (~64%). Everyone can help reach out to people who live in apartments! We’ve teamed with BIPOC-led groups to do just that. Contact us if you’re able to engage with this effort! Some ways to help include:

  1. Help us call & recruit “building reps” and get landlord permission to canvass.
  2. Help us write & mail (or deliver & distribute) voter info postcards to apartment buildings. This is a photo of our (draft) postcard, with QR code which links to the mnvotes.org website with essential voter info in 10 languages. 
  3. Team up as part of a bilingual/bicultural duo to canvass (doorknock) apartment buildings.

OVERCOME VOTER SUPPRESSION: SEND POSTCARDS AND LETTERS: In 2020, Minnesota & North Dakota UU’s partnered with ReclaimOurVote.org (https://rac.org/take-action/every-voice-every-vote/reclaim-our-vote-guidelines-postcard-writers) wrote 59,000 postcards to Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, and Florida voters. Our Midwest regional organizer is Neelamjit, contact her at rov.midwest@gmail.com  Other UU’s sent letters with Voteforward.org/uu  (be sure to use the “Social” letters, only, in congregational settings). To get started, contact your congregational liaisons, or contact us.

OVERCOME VOTER SUPPRESSION: PHONEBANKS & TEXTING: Reach people who are concerned about climate/environmental justice & encourage voting, with the Environmental Voter Project https://www.environmentalvoter.org/. And, we will call and text with UU the Vote, via uuthevote.org special actions, reaching out to Wisconsin neighbors and some other key states outside Minnesota.

INFORM VOTERS: VOLUNTEER & SHOW UP FOR LWV CANDIDATE FORUMS: Most chapters of the League of Women Voters (men & other genders welcome to participate!) host nonpartisan candidate forums for which volunteers and attendees are needed. Be sure to hear from candidates for nonpartisan seats such as County Attorney and County Sheriff, and school board candidates, and let your friends know about these important positions that often get less attention in the press.

JOIN MUUSJA IN PARTNERING WITH “WE CHOOSE US,” a massive campaign for multicultural democracy linking progressive nonprofit groups across the state. Learn how to talk about politics in church and with family/friends who don’t agree with you.


YOU BE THE JUDGE: There is a shortage of election helpers! You can sign up at:

GUARD ELECTION INTEGRITY: Common Cause is recruiting and will train nonpartisan election protection volunteers to safely observe outside the polls (from a car), and report violations of election law. If you can help on election day, sign up EARLY with your county clerk or contact us, or check with your preferred Party.

THE PEOPLE SHOULD ELECT THE PRESIDENT: Join us as co-sponsors of Mitchell/Hamline Law School’s forum on endangered democratic process, on September 22nd, 2022, at https://drive.google.com/file/d/12KbieAAPzuntPRTGIdUQ2V7RUwScPInv/view

ORGANIZING SKILLS FOR THE LONG MARCH: Join the national “Skill Up” sessions from UUtheVote.org to polish your skills for planning and organizing effective voter outreach campaigns, and meet other UU organizers from across the country.

SPIRITUAL SUSTENANCE: We need each other when equality, economy, employment, education, environment, & equanimity all are threatened. Call on us personally at director@muusja.org & join UU leaders at UUtheVote.org for weekly Q&A for practical & spiritual support.

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