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First Fridays Films Against Fascism

Relaxation for the Resistance

6:30 PM Central on the First Friday of the month, we’ll get together on Zoom for a movie-watching salon followed by the question, how can we use this evening as inspiration for our own democracy struggle? Next up: “Suffragette” Friday, May 3rd.  Registration required. 
UU the vote logo with text stating Voting in an inclusive, multiracial, multicultural, representative democracy is how we hire people who help us all decide  how to share & invest in what we all need to thrive (water, homes, schools, parks, hospitals, roads, etc.),  And how we all get along – what’s allowed, required, or prohibited in our community of communities..

UU the Vote has launched in Minnesota

and here’s how you can be included

HERE IS THE CONGREGATIONAL GUIDE TO UU THE VOTE IN MINNESOTA. (Click the link to get the most recently updated version of the 2024 guide).
As one of the UUA state action networks charged with implementing “UU the Vote” across the country, MUUSJA’s job is to share what folks are doing nationally AND help Minnesota UU’s understand our unique local & state context. We are recruiting election judges and recount observers; researching County elections policies; urging legislators to support the Omnibus Elections Bill; mobilizing congregational teams, to co-sponsor nonpartisan civic engagement, political education, and direct voter contact to share nonpartisan information and election participation. Scroll down to see what’s happening and how to be involved.
UU the VOTE in Minnesota includes postcards to boost voting by young, diverse, renters in 15 rapidly growing towns where <200 votes will decide whether or not Minnesota remains a refuge for gender-affirming and reproductive health, safer gun laws, and carbon-conscious climate policy. Talk to your congregational liaisons or read all about it in this online guide to UU the Vote in Minnesota.  And donate $53 for a roll of postcard stamps, if you can! The secure link  for stamp donations is https://www.muusja.org/donate & add, IN HONOR OF UU THE VOTE.  
This image shows the 2024 postcard produced by MUUSJA.
UU the Vote outreach to states where BIPOC and young voters face extreme voter suppression:

It’s up to Minnesotans to keep Minnesota a refuge, as we are not a priority for national election attention. However, as in past years, we will partner with the national UU the Vote (UUA Side With Love) efforts to help get out the vote in states with severe voter suppression, with partner organizations such as Vote Forward and Reclaim Our Vote who are mailing, phoning, and texting disenfranchised voters in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and other states.

How can I and my congregation get involved?

First, support laws that expand democracy in Minnesota: Click this link to ASK YOUR LEGISLATORS TO SUPPORT THE 2024 ELECTIONS OMNIBUS BILL.
This year’s 2024 Elections Omnibus Bill includes the things we need to build towards the inclusive, multiracial democracy Minnesotans deserve. What’s included in the 2024 Elections Omnibus Bill? Many of the priorities of our statewide pro-democracy coalition, We Choose Us MN.
1.) On-campus polling locations for college students to ensure everyone has access to the polls, regardless of access to transportation or time off from class (HF3447 Pursell & SF3616 Mitchell) 
2.) The Minnesota Voting Rights Act to restore the section of the 1965 Federal Voting Rights Act that protects voters, particularly Black voters and other voters of color, from voter suppression (HF3527 Greenman & SF3994 Champion)
3.) Expanding pre-registration provisions in school districts so every student can get the information they need to register and pre-register to vote (HF4068 Kraft & SF3871 Cwodzinski)
4.) Eliminating prison gerrymandering so people can be counted in the places they call home rather than where they’re incarcerated (HF4043 Agbaje & SF3878 Mitchell)  
Next, it’s time NOW to make Good Trouble with your congregation. 
Voting in Minnesota’s state primary elections begins July 23rd & for the general election September 20th, only a few months away!

Contact a congregational liaison for more information
. If you have a listed congregational liaison, start by talking with them! if not, or if your team hasn’t yet met, or has more questions, let’s talk! MUUSJA’s Democracy Strategist, Karen Wills (kwmuusja [at] gmail.com) has extensive training and experience as a campaign manager and nonpartisan faith-based issue organizer. Karen can meet with a few  interested people from your congregation to develop a “UU the Vote” plan that works for you. Read the Minnesota UU the Vote Guide to help your congregational team plan in the context of our state’s realities. Read the official UU the Vote Launch Guide from our friends at UUA’s Side With Love “UU the Vote” program — it’s a “how to” manual full of great ideas.
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