2022 Year in Review

Climate justice, immigrant and refugee outreach, Pride parades, Roe-Vember, UU the Vote, and more…. 2022 was a VERY BIG YEAR.

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Winter Care Package cover photo

Winter Care Package

…an offering for all of our activists, organizers, healers, advocates, peacemakers, and justice seekers. As we enter the winter season we wanted to reach out with some resources for rest, nourishment, and renewal.

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The Spiritual Practice of “And”

Sometimes, prayer is the spiritual practice of letting your heart grow big enough to contain all the “and”s. Not just the “and”s of the plethora of things always in need of attention and compassion and action, but the “and”s of contradiction, complexity, and nuance. Because the answer to the question “Where does it hurt?” is indeed “everywhere/ everywhere/ everywhere.”

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