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Just the FAQ’s, Ma’am

Printable Voting FAQ’s for Minnesota, North Dakota, and (soon to be added!) South Dakota

This is a FAQ page with links to printable PDF’s of voter info. Please message us if you cannot access the links or if you find errors.

First, here is a freshly updated, printable PDF of the MUUSJA Voter Action Options menu, which is Minnesotacentric at the moment but lists nonpartisan links that should work anywhere… We are working on adding better information for the Dakotas!

POSTCARDS are done now, we’ve sent 11,500 and the deadline’s almost here, so for all you voter engagement LETTER-WRITERS: HERE are the instructions and links to write letters with VoteForward.org/UU to under-represented voters. If you have access to a printer, envelopes and stamps at home, you can just print your own and follow the instructions on the website. If not, MUUSJA can provide you with a packet of pre-printed letters, envelopes, and stamps, just call or message us.

Here’s basic voter information for Minnesota. Here’s some information about how to find information about candidates in order to figure out who to vote for. And here’s a list of where poll workers (volunteer election judges) are needed in Minnesota — this is critically important so that all the polls can stay open. We expect that the poll workers, who are often retirees, may withdraw due to the more intense health risks of COVID for seniors and for people with chronic health conditions. You can help by voting early and voting by mail.

Here’s some basic voter info for North Dakota, which is the only U.S. state that does not require voter registration. Voters do need to show identification with in-person or absentee voting. One good way to help North Dakota elections is to ensure people understand what ID is required, and get their ID cards as soon as possible to be able to vote in November.

South Dakota basic voter info is Under Construction … meanwhile, check the South Dakota Voter Information Portal

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