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How to Get Every Voter to Vote

For detailed voter information FAQ’s such as how to register & vote from home & how to be a poll worker please see our FAQ page.

For an action menu, to pick and choose among delicious options to act for justice, peruse below!


POST NONPARTISAN LAWN SIGNS: Ask your congregation to post a lawn sign from the League of Women Voters (see pictures below): Contact Karen at director@muusja.org to get signs in English, Spanish, and/or Somali. Or, check with your own local LWV to see if you can get signs locally!

OCCUPY SOCIAL MEDIA: Share the terrific videos from When We All Vote. AND Post on your own and congregation social media about your voter engagement work! When our friend Diana posted on her Facebook page that she was writing postcards to voters, 5 of her friends asked how they could do it, too — so instead of 120 postcards, Diana was personally responsible for sending nearly 2,000. That’s the power of looping in our friends, also known as, “relational organizing.”


ACTIVATE YOUR FRIENDS: Who do you know? If they’re all set to vote, invite them to join you to reach out to more voters. Relational organizing treats voters like people and people like voters. To download Empower, an app to track your voter contacts, sign up at: https://getempower.com/muusja — you’ll be prompted to consider which of your contacts you’d like to reach out to, as we send out calls to action. Our partner for climate justice, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, also is using the Empower app, with trainings September 13th, 15th, and 17th. To use Empower, download the MUUSJA account to connect with UU’s across our region; or, download the MNIPL account to connect with Climate Voters specifically.

BOOST COLLEGE STUDENT VOTING: This just takes a few minutes: Join UUSJ’s effort to make sure any college(s) with whom you or your family or friends have a relationship will encourage and help their students to vote: http://uusj.net/wp1/ask-your-college/

BOOST HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT VOTING: MUUSJA is a partner with When We All Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit started in 2018 by Michelle Obama, which runs the program “My School Votes” https://www.whenweallvote.org/schools/  Talk to Karen at director@muusja.org about getting connected with school voter programs. In some communities, UU’s are teaming up with local chapters of the League of Women Voters to reach out to the high schools & community colleges. Check with us or contact your local chapter of LWV directly to find out if they’re doing this, at  https://www.lwvmn.org/


REACH BEYOND YOUR OWN CIRCLES TO REGISTER VOTERS to text or call voters who are resisting suppression. Everything’s being posted to the MUUSJA EVENTS calendar. Subscribe to MUUSJA’s monthly email message, and to UUtheVote.org to receive updates. We are teaming with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light for calls to Minnesota, and with the UUA for calls to Wisconsin and Florida. We have teamed for textbanking with When We All Vote. Our nonpartisan outreach is to voters whom the Parties and Candidates often overlook.

USE THE POWER OF THE PEN (BEFORE OCTOBER 15th): POSTCARDS are done now, we’ve sent 11,500 and the deadline’s almost here, so for all you voter engagement LETTER-WRITERS: HERE are the instructions and links to write letters with VoteForward.org/UU to under-represented voters. If you have access to a printer, envelopes and stamps at home, you can just print your own and follow the instructions on the website. If not, MUUSJA can provide you with a packet of pre-printed letters, envelopes, and stamps, just call or message us.

MUUSJA has sent almost 12,000 postcards, with 145+ volunteers from 18 congregations! ReclaimOurVote.org (click the link for Unitarians) or  MomsRising.org are two nonpartisan organizations that provide hand-written postcards to send voters in selected “sister states” where UU’s are resisting voter suppression. Voteforward.org/uu sends printed, sealed letters with a handwritten personalization, with similar targeting. Talk to Karen or Allison at director@muusja.org or awmuusja@gmail.com to start.


GUARD ELECTION INTEGRITY: The National Lawyer’s Guild will provide training to resist voter intimidation in our region on election day by observing at a distance, outside polling places. (Each major party also is permitted to send one watcher inside each precinct; see their websites to sign up as partisan pollwatchers.) If you can help on election day, sign on to one of their POLLWATCHER trainings in late September or early October (dates TBD).

YOU BE THE JUDGE: Especially in the suburbs and across Greater Minnesota, many election judges (pollworkers) are retirees, at higher risk of severe complications from the COVID-19 virus. To find out how you can help as an election judge in Minnesota, go to THIS LINK. And for North Dakota, see our FAQ sheet!


ORGANIZING SKILLS FOR THE LONG MARCH: Civic engagement cannot end on the 3rd of November 2020. Join the national #UUtheVOTE organizing school on Wednesday evenings through the end of Septembers, to polish your skills for issue-oriented organizing, now and in the future. Sign up at https://www.uuthevote.org/it-starts-with-faith-organizing-school/

SPIRITUAL SUSTENANCE: This work can be so hard at a time when equality, economy, employment, education, equanimity all are threatened. Call on us personally & join us as needed for spiritual sustenance from UU leaders at https://www.uuthevote.org/spirit/

Bon Appetit!

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