Jan. 12, 2020: Here we go! Today’s national videoconference/call kicked off the #UUtheVote campaign, with UUA leaders (including Minnesota’s own rockstar UUA Organizing Strategy Director Rev. Ashley Horan!). A link to that presentation will be available soon.

Tomorrow evening, Monday January 13 @ 7pm CST, we kick off #MUUtheVote talking assets, needs, strategies for mobilizing our congregations towards active civic engagement for 2020 and beyond.

Almost everything we care about depends on how we #UUtheVote to count everyone for the #Census, mobilize voters and advocate for leadership that lives out a belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and the interconnected web of which we are a part. Our 5th principle is in the spotlight this year: #ProtectDemocraticProcess   


  • February 25th = Precinct Caucus Day (MUUSJA encourages full participation if your party has a Precinct Caucus, and helps publicize issue-oriented resolutions important to your people & aligned with UU values) 
  • March 3rd = Presidential Primary Election Day (MUUSJA supports nonpartisan efforts to get out the vote!) 
  • April 1st = Census Day (MUUSJA will encourage full participation & facilitate UU engagement with the census count) 
  • August 11th = Primary election for Minnesota State, County and Municipal offices (This is a critically important election as legislators in MN House & Senate will determine census boundaries for 2022-2030 elections, so, #MUUtheVote for state offices!)
  • November 3rd = 2020 General election (intensive efforts to #MUUtheVote and #GOTV)

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