Supporting Drake Hotel fire survivors

Survivors of the Drake Hotel fire still have unmet needs; here are two ways to help

Many local faith & community leaders are among those working with the Red Cross and asking for your help.  If you have not already registered as a Red Cross partner volunteer and would like to, please use this special direct link to sign up:…As a reminder, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older and complete all 5 volunteer intake steps (including a background check), prior to signing up for shifts.  If you are already registered in Volunteer Connection, follow this quick link to go directly to calendar.…

If you need assistance registering for a shift, please contact Mark Giammona at or 612-604-3290To read an up to date message on where the Red Cross is at with the response efforts, visit or blog:

Going forward, MUUSJA also recognizes and honors the concerns expressed by displaced residents of the Drake about bureaucracy, overhead costs, response lags and white supremacy culture within large nonprofit agencies such as Red Cross. As an alternative, some residents and faith leaders are organizing directly as a community via sites such as the Drake Hotel Fire Victims Page and ABEP MN (Samantha Pree-Stinson’s organization). These local groups will transfer contributions directly to survivors and support survivors’ individual GoFundMe sites. Check their sites for updates on specific requests and needs. 

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