Supporting our Congregations

Here For You and With You

Coaching & Consulting

In addition to our educational opportunities, MUUSJA staff are available to partner with your congregation or justice team through the many challenges and joys of justice work. Please reach out to MUUSJA Executive Director, Katie Kline, to schedule a brainstorming or coaching session, training, to troubleshoot rough spots or celebrate a success together with a MUUSJA team member.


Justice-Oriented Worship Services or Forums

MUUSJA staff are available to provide timely, justice-oriented worship services or forums to your congregation or fellowship. We would love to connect with you and meet your community! Please contact Program Director Allison Wyeth, to schedule a service, forum, or visit with your community.


Amplifying Justice Work

Need help getting the word out? We maintain a calendar of statewide UU organizing events and are happy to amplify your justice event. Email Program Director Alison Wyeth to add an event to our calendar and outreach efforts.


Connecting You With Resources

Navigating your local, statewide, or UU social justice universes can be overwhelming and daunting. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! MUUSJA staff often act as connectors – connecting you with the resources you need to reach your justice goals. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note anytime you need help getting pointed in the right direction!


Congregational Support Workshops

Beyond the Land Acknowledgment

Thursday, October 12 from 10 – 11:30am

How do you, or your congregation, move from the sharing of a land acknowledgment towards action, interaction, and accountability? Let’s gather to reaffirm our commitment to right relationship and to explore what steps are needed to move towards real repair as we work to create the conditions that make collective liberation possible. Click here to register.

Rooted in Care

Thursday, November 2 from 10 – 11:30am

Join in for a discussion about how community care among congregants can build a foundation for powerful action and organizing beyond church. We’ll look at some of the common reasons folks do not participate in calls to action and how mutual aid within congregations strengthens and enhances our ability to show up as a community when we’re needed. Facilitated by community organizer and activist, Dallas Rising. Click here to register.


Multigenerational Organizing

Thursday, December 7 from 10 – 11:30am

Join this workshop to learn effective strategies and techniques for engaging folks of all ages and stages in your justice work. We’ll hear from Minnesota UU youth activists as well as community elders on creative, joyful, and meaningful ways to organize and connect across the generations. Click here to register.

Actions For All Ages

Chalk the Vote!

Sunday, November 5 – Anytime

Street art has long been used as a tool for communication in times of social movement and change. We’re mobilizing UU congregations throughout Minnesota to get the word out about the importance of voting in a fun, creative way – with chalk! Before or after your worship service, gather your community members of all ages to decorate the sidewalks or walking paths around your building with positive messages reminding folks that democracy is not a spectator sport! Don’t forget to take photos of your chalk art and post them to your social media pages with the hashtag #uuchalkthevote. Reach out to Katie with any questions or for inspo pics!