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February 16th, 2021

MUUSJA’s convening on racial justice begins today, Tuesday Feb. 16, and the second tour of a Line 3 water protectors camp is tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 17…. and as you know, “it’s all connected” (to borrow a phrase from Rev. Ashley Horan). We’re not a basket of randomly chosen liberal causes; rather, our common cause is recognizing and resisting harms designed to privilege some by oppressing others. The harms are connected by the design and abuses of power, including…

It is not necessary to “study up” to participate in the racial justice convening… there will be no quiz and no grades! The goal is to reflect together on what we’ve been learning, consider next steps to take, and curate a “Library of Power” that includes people, partners, information, actions, and resources, which UU’s regionally are finding most helpful in this work. The 2021 racial justice convening presumes no expertise or authority but also presumes you’ve all been doing some reading, listening to UU and other leaders via forums, films, conversation and reflection within congregations and on your own. Bring your head, heart, and hands — together, we will seek and find what we need.

Reflection & Readiness: MUUSJA UU Racial Justice Convening
February 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd & 25th

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Central Time; Saturday 2/20, 10-12 AM Central Time

It is not too late to register to join this conversation. Join UUs from other congregations for a Convening grounded in worship and covenant. Each day, we will split into breakout rooms offering racial identity caucus spaces in which white people will practice calling each other in, process their privilege, and practice ways of being that will help mitigate harm as they interact with BIPOC UUs and community members. BIPOC will similarly explore our racial and UU identities, and find strength, inspiration, and healing with one another. The conversations and connections begun at the Convening will continue long afterwards, encouraging collaborative UU racial justice work across congregations.

Unitarian Universalist values and Principles call us to racial justice work, and this Convening is open to all UUs who are committed to answering that call. Attendance at all sessions is encouraged but not required. Once registered, you will receive emails about all five sessions whether you plan to attend that day or not.

For details and to register, click here or see the MUUSJA website.

I am looking forward to reflecting and connecting with you all.

Salamat po,

Nico Van Ostrand

MUUSJA Racial Justice Director

Tour Camp Migizi on Wednesday, February 17th (or tune in later if you missed it!)
Hello UU Justice Leaders!

The second in our series of virtual tours of Line 3 resistance camps is coming up tomorrow, 2/17/2021, Wednesday at 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST. Camp founder and Indigenous activist Taysha Martineau will be orienting us to camp and highlighting ways that UU’s can mobilize to support the movement. This event is co-hosted by MUUSJA, UUSC, UUMFE, Honor the Earth, and Camp Migizi and will be livestreamed from the MUUSJA, Honor, and Migizi Facebook pages. If you are able to co-host or livestream it from your pages as well that would be terrific.

If you missed our first tour of the Welcome Water Protectors camp in Palisade, you can watch it here.

MUUSJA is deeply indebted to amazing blogger Kristen Anderson, of MNIPL’s Line 3 Interfaith Coalition, who is continually compiling and updating news, links, and upcoming actions to resist Line 3 construction — see HERE for the latest compendium.

Also, I’m thrilled to announce that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth officially passed a congregational resolution at their midyear annual meeting yesterday opposing Line 3 and voicing their solidarity with Indigenous water protectors. UUCD is the closest large UU congregation to Line 3 and MUUSJA celebrates this important resolution. More to come on this soon as they mobilize for action, and more to come from neighboring UU fellowships across Minnesota’s northern region.

With blessings and strength,


Katie Kline (she/hers/her)
MUUSJA (Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance)
Northland Regional Organizer

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