[10 am] Senate Floor Vote: The Democracy for the People Act

The Senate is going to vote on the Democracy for the People Act soon! After passing the House on 4/13, this is the last stop before it gets signed into law by the Governor. Minnesotans have been asking for pro-democracy reforms and our organizing has paid off! This bill protects and expands our democracy by strengthening our freedom to vote and empowers Minnesotans rather than corporations and wealthy special interests. Join us to celebrate this historic moment, welcome in our legislative champions and remind them why it’s important to get this bill over the finish line. We will stick around to watch the floor debate for those who are interested, but the most critical time to be there is 9:00-11:00! But we also want to encourage everyone to stick around to watch the floor session in the afternoon.

July 26th 10 am- 1 pm CT 

To register: Likely Senate Floor Vote!: The Democracy for the People Act (everyaction.com)


Wed., Apr. 26, 2023


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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