We organize Minnesota UUs who seek to change the world — 
and themselves — by acting on Unitarian Universalist values

Our mission is to unleash courageous leadership and collective power to build a just and loving world.  Guided by our Unitarian Universalist Principles, we value:

  • Acting with love for justice
  • Nurturing courageous leadership
  • Building collective power among Unitarian Universalists and beyond
  • Entering into accountable, collaborative partnerships with allied organizations and individuals
  • Creating multi-generational, inclusive community

Looking around, there is a fair share of cruelty, greed, injustice and evil. As UUs, we believe a better world is possible. MUUSJA exists because we believe and know that UUs can make a difference. This is why MUUSJA continues to address housing and homelessness, healthcare reform, environment and climate, racial and economic justice and voting rights, LGBTIQ rights and reproductive justice.

2014 has been a year of transitions:

Ashley Horan became the Executive Director in July after Ralph Wyman stepped down from serving as Executive Director and Laura Smidzik as the interim Director – both Ralph and Laura still are active as volunteers in MUUSJA

• Jenny Thomas stepped down after numerous years as board chair and Judy Goebel and Gail Bishop have taken on the role of Co-Chairs
• We submitted an application to become a 501(c)(3) organization which resulted in revising the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
• We transitioned our organizational recordkeeping from a spreadsheet to an online tool that manages MUUSJA’s contacts, donations, financial records, website and newsletters, positioning us to maintain our relationship with Minnesota UUs seamlessly and more efficiently
• The Board of Directors has increased to 13 members representing 9 UU congregations

New to MUUSJA this year:

UU-YELP, the Unitarian Universalist Youth Engaging Legislation Program, brings Twin City high school UUs together at the intersection of faith formation and social justice through understanding the legislative process.
• A Rapid Response Network of activities who want to take immediate action on issues – click here to join the network

MUUSJA dreams of unleashing more courageous leadership and collective power with your help:
• Develop social justice curriculum and program materials for use by congregations and fellowships
• Expand UU-YELP to more high school students
• Grow the website to show more news about what Minnesota UUs are doing for justice, foster more collaboration and provide more resources.
• Expand our outreach so know more about MUUSJA

If you share these dreams, click here to make a 2015 New Year's resolution to support the work of justice throughout the year by becoming a monthly sustainer of MUUSJA.

Your monthly donation will make MUUSJA stronger and will help us make a more just and loving Minnesota a reality.

In faith and solidarity,
Ashley, Gail, and Judy

P.S. The youngest supporter of MUUSJA was born Dec. 9th at 1:44am. Ashley and her family as so pleased to welcome Aspen Bell Hutt-Horan to the world.

MUUSJA's General Meeting 2014:
"Faithful to the Work of Justice: 
How Our UU Identity Informs Social Action"
Ocurred Sunday, November 9
The White Bear Unitarian Universalist Church

Why have Unitarian Universalists so consistently worked for progressive social justice causes throughout our history?  How do our shared UU beliefs, history, theology and principles inform how we struggle for justice today?  What do our traditions and beliefs call us to work toward as individuals, and as a broader community of faith?  This year, join Unitarian Universalists from across the state for MUUSJA's General Meeting, featuring a program that focuses on the intersection of our identity as Unitarian Universalists and our shared yearning for a more just and loving world.  

Our program will feature a short opening worship, small group reflection, highlights of our work this past year, an opportunity to hear about MUUSJA's vision and direction from our new Executive Director Ashley Horan, and an engaging presentation from our Keynote speaker:

The Keynote Faith & Justice Address:

"Drawing on our Faith Traditions to Guide Our Social Actions" by Mark Ritchie, MN Secretary of State

Everyone has a life journey that includes many different influences along the way. Mark Ritchie, Unitarian Universalist and outgoing Minnesota Secretary of State, will talk about his faith traditions and how they have guided his public service, reflecting on these influences as he steps forward into a new chapter after the end of his term.

Mark Ritchie's speech at the MUUSJA general meeting was inspirational and thoughtful. After telling us about his upbringing as a Southern Baptist on hot summer days at his parents house he went on to challenge UUs to face their role in the eugenics movement in the early 20th century. Ritchie  continued to praise UUs for their social jutice work and that part of improving the world is acknowledging past mistakes and doing the best with what we have so that we and our progeny can enjoy a world improved from the way we found it.

Give to the Max Day!

We had another great Give to the Max Day this year! We raised almost $3000 and gained 9 new monthly donors! Thank you very much for your continued commitment to MUUSJA.

After last years very successful "Give to the Max Day" MUUSJA is gearing up for another great year thanks to your generosity!

For those who don't remember Give to the Max Day is an all day event that many non-profits and schools participate in to encourage their members to support their favorite causes and organizations. Last year, in partnership with GiveMN Minnesotans raised over $17 million for state organizations!

Thank you for your leadership!

Unleashing courageous leadership and collective power to realize a just and loving world.

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