Voter turnout among UU’s is high, but the info below may help you help others:

See for Minnesota voter information in 10 languages.

See #UUtheVote at  for UUA’s national coalition, including links to access congregational GRANTS to fund voter engagement efforts.

CLICK STEPS 1 THROUGH 4 BELOW to link to more details about how to #UUtheVote.

FIRST:  Know where and how Minnesotans can register to vote   

and how your congregation can partner with organizations focused on voter engagement (call us at MUUSJA if you’re just getting started!)

  • WE VOTE/MN VOICE is a nonpartisan coalition focused on collective power & racial equity, working on voter registration and engagement in Minnesota
  • LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS here’s a list of LOCAL Leagues in Minnesota
  • ISAIAH is a statewide faith-based coalition focusing on voter engagement in 2020 
  • INDIVISIBLE mobilizes progressive voters across the state

SECOND:  Know when, where & how Early Voting will take place (absentee or in person). 

THIRD: Know where to vote on election day: is the link for MN elections: 

  • March 3rd, 7 AM TO 8 PM = Presidential Primary Election Day (early voting began Jan. 17)
  • March 10th 7 am TO 8 PM = Township Elections in Greater Minnesota
  • August 11th, 7 AM to 8 PM = Primary election for Minnesota State, County and Municipal offices (early voting begins June 26th)
  • November 3rd, 7 AM to 8 PM = 2020 General election (early voting begins September 18th)

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