#MUUSJAtheVote : MN UU’s 2020 call to action

How to #UUtheVote in Minnesota

Here is a PRINTABLE LINK for your congregation of the info on this page.

  • See for Minnesota voter information in 10 languages.
  • See #UUtheVote at  for UUA’s national coalition, including links to where you can access congregational GRANTS to help fund your voting efforts. The “congregational launch manual” at #UUtheVote is superb and comprehensive.
  • A great resource for Minnesota elections is at the Women’s March MN page,

FIRST:  Know where and how Minnesotans can register to vote (click for details).

And to help others register, remember, and engage with the 2020 election, check out:

SECOND:  Know when, where & how Early Voting is open (click for details).

Early voting for the 2020 Minnesota Presidential Primary began January 17thIf you’re busy or traveling on Primary Election Day, go vote early – and if you requested an absentee ballot by mail, make sure it gets delivered by March 3rd.

THIRD: Know that Tuesday, February 25th, at 7pm is Precinct Caucus Night (click for details).

The best, most current information about what to expect at your precinct Caucus is the website for the Party you’re interested in. Your preferred political Party has orientations for its caucus-goers; check their website for details. Many nonprofits also get involved; two of interest to MUUSJA are:

FOURTH: Know where to vote on election day! is for:

  • March 3rd: Presidential Primary election
  • March 10th: Township Elections across Greater Minnesota
  • August 11th: Statewide Primary election for state, county or municipal offices
  • November 3rd: General election (from President to City offices)

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