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Registered and Ready Virtual Rally with Michelle Obama, Co-Chair of “When We All Vote”

MUUSJA is a partner of the nonpartisan voter education and engagement organization, When We All Vote, founded by Michelle Obama. Some of you might have joined WWAV for textbanking recently!

On Thursday, September 3rd at 4:30 PM Central, we will be joined LIVE by Michelle Obama and learn about the upcoming Week of Action, focused on Poll Worker Recruitment, September 1st-8th, hosted by WWAV. RSVP now to reserve a spot and forward this notice to anyone who would be interested in participating!

Folks in Minnesota and the Dakotas: You might hear that applications are closed for your poll worker (aka election judge) enrollment, but go ahead and send in the application anyway, using your County or State links if your City is not accepting applications. Please don’t risk your life! but if you are cautious, younger and healthy, able to mask up and sanitize, consider serving as an election judge/poll worker this year in place of someone whose age or health increases the risk of more severe illness, if infected.

From the WWAV website: “We’ll celebrate the accomplishments we’ve made so far, and chat about our upcoming weeks of action and provide you with resources and simple ways to organize in your community –– on and offline. (Hint: One of the simplest ways to impact democracy is by being a poll worker)! Whether you’re already volunteering with us or just getting started, we’ll teach you a few tips to identify people in your network to make sure they’re registered and make a plan to vote, as well as specific ways to take action with us in the final few months before Election Day. We will also have some special announcements along the way!

We know this work isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it when we do it together as a team!”

RSVP now for a fun, informative virtual rally on Thursday, September 3 at [4:30 PM Central].


Thu., Sep. 03, 2020


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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