6 p.m. Defending Democracy Convening Circle

A gathering of UU’s and friends mainly from Minnesota, North and South Dakota, concerned with voting rights, free and fair elections, including fair electoral mapping (redistricting), and resisting voter suppression. Specific topics, invited guests, and frequency of meetings will be determined by the group, facilitated and supported by MUUSJA Organizer Allison Wyeth, awmuusja@gmail.com . MUUSJA is in solidarity with anti-corruption groups like the Bad Ass Grandmas of North Dakota and with Minnesota Alliance for Democracy 

Registration is free, although, if you appreciate how MUUSJA unites and amplifies the collective voice of UU’s in our states, we’re grateful for your support! Online donations link is www.muusja.org/donate 


Tue., Jun. 08, 2021


6:00 pm
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