“Everything is Holy Now”

July 27,2020:

MUUSJA update is at this LINK or at muusja.salsalabs.99days 

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  • Only 99 days left until the election! What’s the plan?

  • Messaging and Framing workshops with George Greene of Connections Lab

  • Absentee Ballot virtual pizza party

  • Racism as a public health crisis

  • Akhrinta-Reading Together grows

  • The Northland is buzzing

  • Become a sustainer — for MUUSJA, for Rattler, or both

Our organizing strategy has 3 interlocking circles — think of them as the ripples you’ll see when you’re making a splash!  Your “reach” depends upon how big a splash you have the time and capacity to make — every bit counts.
Folks who already are caught up with specific campaign or Party work may not have as much time to devote here, but making these connections with other UU’s in our region and nationally is a deeply satisfying and builds relationships for our shared future.

The first ring is relational organizing (using Empower, if you wish) with your own friends and relations.  The second ring is outreach to under-represented voters, teaming with our climate justice and human rights partners. The third ring is outreach to states fighting severe voter suppression, together with UU’s nationwise and our national #UUtheVOTE organizers provide spiritual sustenance, training, and resources. 

As always, please keep in touch, let us know what you need and what you can share, and thank you so much for supporting our work. It’s your stewardship that keeps MUUSJA thriving as the regional UU social justice network for Minnesota and the Dakotas. Thanks for SIGNING ON as a monthly contributor.

Even apart, we are not alone. And we have choices that will affect just how bad 2021 has to be.

Or how good it can get. 

In faith and solidarity,

Karen Wills (she/her)

MUUSJA Executive Director

612-927-2072, director@muusja.org

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