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to realize a just and loving world.

We Are Needed More Than Ever

November 14, 2016 10:56 PM | Anonymous

We were made for such a time as this.

Dear Ones,

There are so many questions swirling in the air right now, along with much pain and anger and fear.  What will the next four years hold for our communities, especially people of color, immigrants, queer and trans folks, disabled people, women?  How are we to minister to grief and outrage and division without being overcome by cynicism?  What can we do—individually and collectively—to nurture resiliency and effectiveness within ourselves and our congregations so that we are equipped to show up, over and over again, as warriors for justice over the long haul?UUs answer the call to show up in solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock #NoDAPL

There aren’t any easy answers.  But these are the undeniable questions of our time, the ones our Unitarian Universalist faith demands we grapple with now, and into the future.  

What I know is this:

Our Unitarian Universalist values and communities have more potential to be relevant, powerful hubs for justice than they have ever been. But it is up to us to decide whether we will live into the promise of our faith, and act boldly to bring our values and our bodies into the public square on the right side of history.  

MUUSJA is deeply committed to our mission of unleashing courageous leadership and collective power to build a just and loving world.  As your statewide advocacy network, we work everyday to nurture spirits, build skills, and strengthen relationships among Unitarian Universalist individuals and congregations, and with broader movements for justice and liberation.  Our work is directly contributing to fortifying the ecosphere of resilience and resistance that is so desperately needed to combat oppression, and—more importantly—to live into a new vision of justice and equity that our souls yearn for, although our eyes have not yet seen.  

In order to do that work, we need your support. 

This Thursday is Give to the Max Day here in Minnesota, and we are counting on your bold and generous support. Here’s how you can help:

1.) Become a Sustaining Donor.  Whether you can give $10 a month or $1000, becoming a Sustaining Donor is the single most effective way you can contribute to our financial stability, and guarantee that we have the financial resources we need to hire the staff and create the programming that we need to live into our bold vision.  This year, we have a goal of signing on 15 new sustaining donors before the end of 2016.

2.) Make a one-time contribution that reflects your aspirations for Unitarian Universalist justice work in the world.  Do you want to see stronger collaborations for justice among our congregations?  Have more Unitarian Universalists trained in direct action and witnessing for justice in the public square? Increase our UU congregations’ skills for effective, accountable partnerships beyond their walls? Deepen our theological grounding and amplify our public voice?  Then make a donation to our work that feels aspirational, bold, and generous.  Our goal is to raise $2000 in individual contributions this week—and when you give, your gift will be matched by a generous anonymous donor!

A quick note: while we do have an official Give to the Max Day page, they take a whopping 6.9% of your donation in fees!  If you choose to make your gift there, please consider paying those fees on our behalf.  Otherwise, you can always donate through our own website here, or send us a check, c/o MUUSJA, 900 Mt. Curve Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403!

We need your financial support this week, just as we will need your hearts and your spirits and your bodies in the coming weeks, months, and years.  Please, help us live faithfully into the commitments our faith compels us to make.

We are grateful for your generosity.

In Faith and Solidarity, 

Rev. Ashley Horan

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